Organization of Flying Adjusters

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The unexpected can happen to anyone. Dealing with the unexpected is what the members of the OFA can help you do. No this wasn't a mechanical problem or pilot error. This damage was the result of hurricane Emily.

Voted and Accepted; 2017 OFA Annual Conference, Kansas City Plaza.
Please send a note of welcome to our newest members in the OFA.
Our organization has grown this year!!!!
· #175 Chris Wyckoff, (AK) Alaska Claims Services, Inc.,
· #174 Sharri Nixon, (AZ) Charles Taylor Adjusting,
· #177 Frank Carrannate, (CO) LAH Aviation Group, and
· #178 Brian Higley, (FL) LAH Aviation Group,
· #176 Laura Higley, (FL) LAH Aviation Group,
· #99 David Jones, (TX) High Point Claims,
· Walter Bagdasarian, Bagdasarian & Associates (Associate Member)

OFA DIRECTORY:                         


The OFA Directory was partially reviewed at the OFA Annual Conference in Kansas City.

Please advise Hope Delong of any changes you’d like in the OFA Directory for 2018.

All requested directory changes should be submitted to Ms. Delong by December 22, 2017.

·       If your personal information is not correct, please send your requested changes to:

o   Hope Delong, OFA Executive Secretary (OFA 141),