We interviewed Jeremy in early May 2023, just before his untimely demise.

Jeremy was a big voice and a big advocate for MANY organizations in the aviation industry and the St. Louis business community.

JetValues Jeremy was a Senior Appraiser Accredited by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) – Machinery & Technical Specialties – Aircraft. He is also a Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser (NSCA) and Certified Aircraft Buyers Agent both under the now defunct National Aircraft Appraisers Association. His appraisal reports comply with the latest edition of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP.) and the International Valuation Standards (IVS.)



Please introduce yourself!

I’m JetValues-Jeremy!

Tell us about your experience and what makes you different from other people in your niche or market. 

I appraise everything from Crop Dusters to Spacecraft. Although the majority of my engagements are business jets and business turboprops, my specialty is appraising rare, unusual, one-off, unique aircraft, the majority all off-book aircraft, i.e. none of them are covered by any price guide. Currently, for example, I am appraising 12 Korean War, Vietnam War, and Cold War Jet Fighter Bombers for a private collector. I have appraised the world’s rarest business jet, the McDonnel 220, the first Air Force One, the first reusable Spacecraft, the crankshaft from the Buddy Holly death plane, numerous warbirds, etc.

What does your ideal client look like? (If someone were to refer the perfect client for you, tell us about that perfect referral would look like.) 

Anybody really, who is has a financial interest in any make, model of aircraft, or artifact.

How did you first learn about OFA?

I was invited to get involved with the OFA by a fellow appraiser, Mark Parry from Connecticut. He has been a member for some time, and he told me how the association wanted to bring more aircraft appraisers into the organization. I was voted-in as a new member at their spring meeting in Dallas this past March. I must say that everyone that I met in Dallas were pretty wonderful, and amazing people, who I am very much looking forward to spending time around, for many years to come. I really appreciate Mark approaching me to join the OFA.

Any favorite stories about OFA? 

None yet, as the ink is barely dry on my new membership. Check back with me in a year.

Any advice for someone that is considering OFA membership?

If you are an Insurance Adjuster, or an Aircraft Appraiser, here in the USA, then you are letting both yourself, and your clients down, if you are not a member in the OFA. The association provides you with direct access to years, and a plethora of knowledge and experience centered around on-site inspection, and assessment of losses in value pertinent to insurers, and attorneys. At the first meeting this spring, I met more attorneys who need my services, than I have in the last ten years – all in one room in Dallas, at the OFA by-invitation-only reception held after our meetings. Amazing access. If your not a member, then do yourself a massive favor, and go online and complete the application for membership in the OFA.