President and founder Mark Parry has over thirty years of experience in corporate aviation. He has a diverse roster of clients. He has unparalleled access to professional resources, which helps the organization achieve positive returns on his clients’ investments and capital.

Prior to establishing Global Aircraft Group, Mark worked for Bombardier in numerous capacities involving sales, maintenance, completion, and pre-purchase inspections.

He was also employed by Lockheed Advanced Development Program, “The Skunk Works,” under Kelly Johnson. Mark holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Massachusetts in Management.

He is also a Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser and member of the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization, and a Licensed Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic.


Mark Parry: My name’s Mark Parry, with Global Aircraft Group, where we love to appraise aircraft. That’s what we do best, with certified aircraft appraisals, occasional desktop appraisals, IRS appraisals. We do appraisals for legal cases and expert witness and I’ve done a fair amount of trial work. We also have A&Ps and IAs available perform maintenance oversight and log book previews. We certainly love doing that.

Question: Tell us about your experience. What makes you different from others in your niche or market?

Mark: I think what makes us different is the wide range of unique services that are available under one umbrella, that I think it’s pretty hard to find. You can find an appraiser or you may be able to find maintenance expert, or you may be able to find someone who can handle a court case, but you’re not going to find one organization can handle all these things, including the insurance adjusting also. I just don’t think there’s a lot of companies out there that can offer that many services under one roof.

Question: What does your ideal client look like? What would be the perfect referral for you?

Mark: My ideal client usually comes out of the banking industry, looking for an appraisal for financial reasons. The ideal client is typically an investor or a financial institution who are looking to have an appraisal, usually on a high dollar investment sale Business jet.

Question: How did you first learn about OFA?

Mark: I learned about OFA through Skip and Laura Higley. They were both members of the Professional Aircraft Appraisers Organization, and they’re also ASA appraisers. They invited me to the OFA. I was given a formal invite and then had to go down to Daytona, Florida, and was voted on and accepted into the organization. It was a great day. Wonderful Group.

Question: Any favorite stories about OFA?

Mark: Well, I think their yearly get together meetings are fantastic. I have not been to one yet. That’s not been a wonderful opportunity for networking and to grow your business and also to just really have a very enjoyable time. A very knit group of people.

Question: Any advice for people considering an OFA membership?

Mark: Yeah. My opinion is that any professional out there who is interested and as qualified would definitely do well within the organization and the networking and the one-to-one support. Everything that the organization has to offer would definitely enhance the business.