Join us for a quick tour of the new OFA website and a quick tutorial about our social media channels!

An organization’s website can become the hub where members can find needed information and resources, connect with one another, and truly realize the benefits of their membership!

Run into questions or problems while using the site? Call Paula at 702-987-1679 or write to [email protected]

Thanks for helping us make this site the best it can be!

00:00 – Welcome

00:29 – See something? Say something!

00:50 – How to Navigate – scroll or use menus

01:02 – Get back to the home page with the logo in the upper left

01:12 – What’s on the menu?

01:19 – Annual Meeting in OKC

01:43 – Add event to your own calendar

01:48 – Share to social media using these buttons

02:00 – News Section

02:30 – Directory

02:45 – Search for yourself!

03:35 – Contact (Includes New Member Application)

04:03 – Payments

04:50 – Links to social media at the bottom of the account

04:53 – OFA’s LinkedIn Page

05:33 – Leaving a comment on an OFA post

05:50 – Reacting and Sharing on LinkedIn

06:20 – Back to the home page

06:28 – Let us know what you’d like to see!

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